Food rescuers arrested – Police home visits – When will the government act?

Good food should not be thrown away! There is hardly any other topic on which German society is so united. Today, citizens in 14 cities have ““Save food – save lives” in solidarity. They saved food and distributed it to fellow human beings. “No one should have to send their children to bed hungry! Nor are the families who are most burdened by sharply rising food prices. Our actions are only a temporary solution – we finally need a food-saving law!“, said Sarah from Karlsruhe, one of the citizens who was involved in the food-saving campaign today.

Freiburg (18.02.22/XNUMX/XNUMX): Citizens give away saved food to passers-by.
Freiburg (18.02.22/XNUMX/XNUMX): Citizens give away saved food to passers-by.

It was an act of charity, but the state treated citizens like criminals. There were reports of theft in several cities (including Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Berlin). The good, edible food was confiscated by the police and thrown back into the bin, as this impressive video from Berlin shows. Oranges, muesli and chocolate are destroyed here by the box.

Press spokesman Tobias März was arrested. The reason: The suspicion that he had “saved food and now given it away”. “While the supermarket bins are full of good food, as a father I have to worry about the future of my children” he says when he is arrested.

"I am ashamed that I lack the courage to block highways for my son's future. I am ashamed that our society is failing to protect our children from the impending climate catastrophe“says a mother today as part of a food rescue campaign while holding her little son in her arms.

A red line has been crossed here. Many people in this country are just starting out and saying enough is enough, Mr. Scholz. The only way to find a sincere solution to this situation is a food-saving law that requires supermarkets to donate food instead of destroying it.

Our soil will no longer provide food in 60 harvests at the latest. And while the climate catastrophe is reducing yields and driving more and more people to hunger, Cem Özdemir is still talking about voluntariness: Supermarkets should be free to decide whether they want to give good food to those in need or waste it senselessly for the sake of simplicity.

Today the police knocked on the doors of many people's homes. That scares us, but we are even more afraid of the millions of people who will starve in Germany if you, Mr Scholz, do not act now. We will therefore proceed if you do not respond to the ultimatum by Sunday. Give us a roadmap for a food-saving law and a binding declaration on the agricultural transition. You don't play with food and you don't play with millions of human lives either.

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