Eating, saving, saving lives – upheaval now instead of collapse tomorrow

Saving food - saving lives The earth collapsed in front of the Federal Chancellery today. Since Chancellor Olaf Scholz is still waiting for the necessary announcement as to when there will be a food-saving law, vegetables are now being grown in front of his official residence. If Mr. Scholz sees the hard work that goes into growing our food, it might increase his respect for it. Hopefully he will then realize how disrespectful it is that a third of all food in Germany is thrown away. The population would want it.

Not only would Mr. Scholz fulfill the wishes of the people in this country, but it would also strengthen hope in the Federal Government's ability to act.

We are all the last generation. We must work together or perish.
We are already in the middle of a climate catastrophe. Our children will starve. We are facing the collapse of our peace and our society. In the face of the grim grimace of doom, Olaf Scholz simply puts his feet up and lets our farmers and our society work for the waste.
That's why we're tackling it ourselves and showing how it's done: We're starting with the agricultural transition right in front of the Federal Chancellery.
Mr. Scholz, you can save us all this if you finally tell us when the long overdue food-saving law will come. When will you listen to the Citizens' Assembly? When will you finally save our food and our lives?

It is to be hoped that the police and the judiciary will recognize the historic predicament we are in and therefore refuse to take action against this food cultivation. We are still knowingly destroying our soil and with it our food supply. We spray pesticides, cut down forests, pump pigs full of antibiotics and produce food that is thrown away. Anyone who cares about public safety and the lives of people in Germany must not aid in this destruction.

People fight over toilet paper - can you imagine what happens? if 30% of the harvests fail and at the same time the world population increases. The economy will also collapse in Germany. The idea should give you, as the person responsible, sleepless nights. The window of opportunity to avert this cruel reality is closing quickly. Act now to prevent the collapse of our food system.

You could save us from having to go on the highways again, just give us a date by which you will implement a food-saving law.
In the meantime, we are happy to help with the management of the government district.

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