First traffic disruption in Göttingen

Berlin 15.02.2022 – While three participants of “Essen Saving – Saving Lives” have still been locked up in individual cells for 32 hours, people are once again disrupting traffic this evening to emphasize their demands: “The government must finally do its job and protect the right to life and food” says press spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs in a nutshell. It is already the third wave of disruption this Tuesday, when it becomes clear that more and more citizens nationwide are opposing and resisting the throwing away of edible food.

5 citizens are blocking Göttingen for the first time and are demanding the food-saving law now!
5 citizens are blocking Göttingen for the first time and are demanding the food-saving law now!

There were disruptions today in Freiburg and Göttingen; In Bayreuth, people took to the streets twice and stood up for “Save Food – Save Lives”, the protection of our constitution, in the morning and in the evening. At lunchtime, the food rescuers targeted the relevant ministries - the BMJ and the Ministry of Agriculture.

"If in 10 years the climate crisis has reached catastrophic conditions in Germany too, if food runs out after persistent drought and crop failures and people experience deadly heat waves, what would you wish you had done? I believe you will wish that you had done everything non-violently possible to protect the people you love. For me, saving food - saving lives means resisting the business as usual.” says Merle Michaelsen, mother of two and participant in the Last Generation protest in Göttingen.

For the time being, no disruptive actions are expected from “Essen Retten – Leben Saving” tomorrow. They have the people responsible for nutrition from the three traffic light parties around 14 p.m. in front of the Reichstag invited to discuss food waste and address solutions. Carla Hinrichs makes it clear: “We do not tolerate empty conversations without action. If there is no serious response to our demand tomorrow, we will make an announcement regarding further action. Because for us one thing is clear: the government has to do its job."

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