EIL: All food rescuers in individual cells after today's disruptions

Berlin 08.02.2022 – People from the “Essen Saving – Saving Lives” initiative this morning once again drew attention to their demands for an immediate food saving law and a comprehensive agricultural turnaround by 2030. For the second day in a row, they disrupted their “place of non-violent civil resistance”, the busiest highway in Germany. As with previous actions, some people stuck to the road. They want to give even more emphasis to their demands for an immediate stop to food waste. All people involved in today's action are now being held at the Tempelhofer Damm police station. Together with the two people locked up since yesterday morning, there are now 16 people in individual cells.

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja (45)

The church musician and mother Sonja Manderbach has been taking part in the “Essen Retten – Leben Saving” campaigns for the third week now. She turned regretfully to the drivers:
"I'm sorry you're stuck in traffic. I'm sitting here for you too. For you and the entire society, out of charity for my fellow human beings. We are all the last generation that can stop absolute climate collapse. The government must act now to secure our food in the future. If she doesn't act now, the climate catastrophe will also lead to famine in Germany. I don't want my children and our children to soon have to fight for bread because the government is doing nothing to ensure food security."

Ernst (72)

The former mechanical engineer Ernst Höhrmann (71) has been in a solitary cell at the police station for over 24 hours after yesterday's disruptive actions. Nevertheless, he is determined - and turns directly to his fellow human beings with a deep connection:
"Where are we taking the boys? My grandchildren's generation? I'm afraid we'll lead them into war, hardship and misery. My conscience demands that I fight for their livelihood. (…) Now we are the last generation that can perhaps contain existential crises before the collapse. We have to take advantage of this opportunity."

Spokespeople from “Essen Save – Live Save” announced that they would continue to take to the streets until the federal government took serious steps to implement the demands. The two demands of the group “Save Food – Save Lives” are steps accepted by the majority of society to prevent impending famine and save billions of human lives. In its call for a comprehensive agar turnaround, the group refers to the measures developed by the Citizens' Assembly 2021, which is supported by around 80% of the population.

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