Blockades across Germany – handover of open letter on Wednesday

In Berlin yesterday, more than 20 people were arrested during blockades and brought before the judge. 3 of them were held overnight to prevent them from taking action again. This further confirms to us that not to have extremists in our ranks. Are the real extremists in the ranks of the ministries that continue to tolerate 18 million tons of food ending up in the trash every year?
The political economist Maja Göpel on the topic: “Those who claim that our world can still look the same in ten years as it does today are radical or naive."

Freiburg: 5 citizens block the A5 motorway exit Freiburg-Nord.
Freiburg: 5 citizens block the A5 motorway exit Freiburg-Nord and are demanding a food-saving law now!

But even the arrests won't stop us. Because determined food rescuers are not only found in Berlin. This morning, citizens in Freiburg and Bayreuth are blocking main traffic arteries at the same time - this time, for the first time, there will also be disruptions directly on motorways outside Berlin. (p. Information Below for the exact locations) This is the first disruption of this kind in Bayreuth and other cities will follow in the course of the day.

"Our demands are not absurd ideas - these are the first minimum steps that the government must take to ensure our agriculture and food supply in the future. And people in Germany want that: everyone agrees that food doesn't belong in the bin. And a climate-proof agricultural transition by 2030 is what the Citizens' Climate Assembly agreed on a good year ago.” said Tobias März, press spokesman.

"We are disrupting things here in Freiburg because Chancellor Scholz and the government have to act: They say they want climate protection, but are silent about our demands, without which effective climate policy is impossible. Without the Food Saving Act and the agricultural transition in 2030, our children and grandchildren will experience blatant harvest disasters - not to mention the suffering of the people in the south, whose food we might then buy from under their noses - or how else would we want Germany feed in the future?!” said Melina Müller, who worked on the disruptions in Freiburg as part of the initiative Saving food – saving lives participated.

Handover of the open letter on Wednesday, February 16.2th.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, February 16.2th, at 14:00 p.m., the Last Generation will hand over an open letter in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, once again officially calling on the federal government to take the necessary steps for our future.

If Mr. Scholz and his cabinet are prepared to really work for the well-being of all of us in the coming decades, then we look forward to meeting them there. In particular, those responsible for the government parties in the area of ​​nutrition, Renate Künast (Greens), Susanne Mittag (SPD) and Dr. Gero Hocker (FDP), were personally invited. 

Press representatives are also cordially invited to be on site to hand over and read out the letter.

In the event that the invited politicians do not appear, we must assume that the governing parties do not care enough about food security in Germany. We will therefore publicly announce our further course of action on the spot.

Background to the demand for an agricultural transition in 2030

The agricultural transition has so far hardly been mentioned in the climate discussion, even though agriculture plays a key role in climate protection and in preserving the natural basis of life - and at the same time is one of the most affected sectors. It is the only area that has the potential to develop from a greenhouse gas source to a greenhouse gas sink. A sustainable, biodiversity-promoting and climate-positive form of agriculture is possible, but needs an immediate and decisive agricultural turnaround, which must be completed by 2030 at the latest.

To achieve this, agriculture must be further developed rapidly in the coming years, towards a constructive agriculture that protects species, climate and ecosystems and thus preserves the natural basis for our nutrition. The central role is played by the exit from factory farming and the sequestration of carbon in the soil in the form of humus build-up. Healthy and humus-rich soils are better prepared for expected drought and heavy rain and also help maintain rich soil life. They are our life insurance in a dramatically changing climate.

The measurable humus build-up is therefore the central trend change in agriculture, away from a destructive system in which fossil energies are converted into food and valuable soil is lost through erosion, towards an ecological, climate-positive circular economy that will continue to exist in structurally rich landscapes in the future Safely produces high-quality food and provides a home for endangered species.

For all of this, the Citizens' Assembly Climate 2021 has drawn up 19 recommendations in a democratic and representative manner, which must now be implemented. – What is the government waiting for?

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