Reply to statements: When does the government follow the citizens?

According to statements by Susanne Mittag (SPD) and Renate Künast (Greens): When will the government introduce a food-saving law to combat the threat of famine caused by the climate crisis?

Current hour on “road blockades and unannounced demonstrations” in the Bundestag

Berlin. It is pleasing that Susanne Mittag (SPD) and Renate Künast (Greens) are together today publicly spoke out in favor of a food-saving law on behalf of their parliamentary groups to have.
We are waiting for a statement as to when a mandatory regulation will be introduced by the government.
Saving Food – Saving Lives remains ready to talk at all times and leaves the street the moment a commitment is made by the government. It is not acting in the spirit of the democratic order and Article 20a of the Basic Law if it continues not to set a timetable.

In the middle of next week we will speak to Renate Künast and Susanne Mittag. 
We are waiting until Sunday evening for the government to say whether it will listen to the recommendations of the democratically elected Climate Citizens' Assembly.

The elephant in the room must be clearly identified: current policies are the inevitable threat to the constitutional order, the economy and our families. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber says: “We push our children into a school bus that has a 98% chance of being fatal.” Although one The majority of the population demands consistent action and is prepared to take far-reaching measures, the Bundestag closes its eyes to this bitter reality.

On Thursday evening, the topic of “road blockades and unannounced demonstrations” was on the agenda in a current hour in the Bundestag. Let's not kid ourselves: It's a disgrace that the German Bundestag is conducting a debate about whether our rule of law, and even our democracy, is at risk through peaceful protests against absurd food waste. Where is the content?

The collapse of civilization, famine and billions of refugees are not an option! And paying lip service to “climate protection” is no longer enough. More and more people across the country are realizing that a red line has been crossed and that politics has played with the lives of millions of people in this country for too long. Tomorrow, Friday, people in 13 cities across the country will publicly “save” food from supermarket garbage cans and give it away publicly in solidarity with Essen Retten – Leben Saving. Meanwhile, the road blockades of the last generation continue to pause, while the ultimatum to the federal government and Olaf Scholz runs until Sunday evening. We expect a concrete roadmap for the implementation of the Citizens' Climate Assembly's requirements. 
When will the federal government listen to the democratic citizens' assembly?
When will the food-saving law come?

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