A100 blocked as a site of civil resistance

Supporters of the last generation are currently blocking the A 100 in Berlin in several places for the third time in seven days. While the government sticks to its deadly course towards climate catastrophe, citizens continue to wage determined civil resistance to demand a change. Yesterday evening (see below) citizens proclaimed the A 100 a place of non-violent civil resistance. The last generation announces further Germany-wide blockades for today.

The civil resistance reaches Freiburg. 10 citizens block the B31.
The civil resistance reaches Freiburg. 10 citizens block the B31.

“Climate neutrality by 2045, as the federal government wants to achieve, breaks with our constitution to protect our lives. In 2030 we will exceed 1,5 degrees - the government is not only breaking international law but is also committing a crime against humanity if it consciously moves towards a world that is 2, 3, 4 degrees hotter with billions of starvation deaths,” says Carla Hinrichs, 25, a law student from Bremen worried about the survival of her family.

“The idea that my eight grandchildren will suffer from hunger and live in a world full of extreme weather events, droughts, heat deaths and war fills me with worry and despair. From this I draw the strength to carry out massive non-violent resistance in order to avert a climate catastrophe,” says Ernst Hörmann, 72, a former mechanical engineer with eight grandchildren.


After two weeks of massive public discussions, the government is now asked to act. Where is Olaf Scholz? 
Things will continue in the next few weeks: The last generation of food rescuers declare the A100 a place of non-violent civil resistance and call for motorway traffic to be slowed down.

“There were repeated calls to stop the blockades. We do this when the government does its job and listens to the Citizens' Assembly. A food-saving law is so simple that the whole of Germany is wondering why the government doesn't simply promise it publicly and instead lets the blockades continue," explains Carla Rochel, 19, a psychology student and part of the last generation.

“After over 120 arrests in the last 2 weeks and numerous criminal allegations, the Berlin Senator for the Interior wants to take tougher action. 
We have already experienced open violence. People were tortured by the police with pain grips and their glued skin was cut with scalpels. We’ll carry on,” says Sonja Manderbach, 45, church musician and mother of two children from Oldenburg.

“You cannot corral a flood, there are no unlimited fines against a famine, you cannot put out a fire with pain grips. You can imprison ordinary citizens of Germany, but the lives of our children and all future generations are at stake,” explains Carla Hinrichs, 24, a law student from Bremen and press spokeswoman for the last generation.

“By refusing to preserve our food, our government is condemning thousands of people to growling stomachs at a time of rising food prices and more people relying on food banks. All this while countless families around the world are already starving or will be starving here in the coming famines after 2050,” says Ernst Hörmann, 71, a former mechanical engineer with 8 grandchildren. 

We are not concerned with blockages or assigning blame. We don't care about our fears. Our concern is to fulfill our duties and responsibilities at this crucial time. We are all the “last generation that can stop it”; (Quote Stefan Rahmstof: Link) we all have a duty to resist when injustice occurs.

From 7am tomorrow, Monday 8th February, the A00 will become a site of non-violent civil resistance to stop our government from committing crimes against humanity. This government – ​​our government – ​​is currently actively pursuing policies that will lead to the destruction of our country through climate catastrophe. In a free society, citizens have the right and responsibility to rebel against plans that will knowingly result in the deaths of millions of people.  

We are aware of the inconvenience and irritation we are causing the public with our campaign. We ask for your understanding that these disruptions are necessary to enable our government to fulfill its most basic duties to protect its people.

The Save Food - Save Lives campaign believes that the German government is dangerously betraying this country on its current course. 

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