12-year-old blocks A100 | Wednesday announcement on further action

Berlin 14.02.2022 – The majority of children and young people look to the future with great fear. More than every second young person suffers from fear of climate collapse. They are looking into a future full of misery, hunger and war. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, former chief advisor to the federal government and leading climate scientist, shares this fear: “We push our children into a global school bus that has a 98% fatal accident rate."
Fearing for survival, 2019 million young people took to the streets in 1,4 to demand stronger climate protection. The result: The government continues to violate the constitution by knowingly destroying young people's livelihoods.

Lilli (12) on the A100 because saving food saves lives.
Lilli (12) on the A100 because saving food saves lives.

Out of desperation and courage, 12-year-old Lilli is sitting on Germany's busiest highway today to... Place of civil resistance to no longer be ignored.

"I dream of seeing the world. It makes me so angry that all I will see are animal corpses, burned trees and plastic. How dare Olaf Scholz look the other way and destroy our future? Why do I have to explain his job to him when I'm twelve?“says twelve-year-old Lilli, who is blocking today. She was previously active with Fridays for Future. But that didn't achieve enough. According to Lilli, we now need blockages to finally “really change something”.

Together with other people from the “Save Food – Save Lives” initiative, she is making the population and government pause so that they can finally deal with the climate emergency and bring solutions into motion.

Her mother Lena Schiller can no longer bear the future the government is leading the world towards. She can no longer stand idly by as her daughter's future is knowingly destroyed when the solutions are obvious. She appeals to all parents: “I hope that all parents who want their children to have a future support the last generation and take to the streets with us. The government has a duty to protect the future of our children and must finally do so!"

People from the “Essen Saving – Saving Lives” initiative are resisting the government’s deadly “business as usual” initiative for the fourth week today and are blocking the A 4 in three places.

Social unity and a strengthening of democracy are absolutely necessary to avert total climate collapse. In order to ensure nutrition, the food rescuers demand that the measures be implemented as quickly as possible Measures that the Citizens' Assembly developed in 2021 on agriculture. These measures are supported by the majority in Germany, regardless of age and political opinion.

As a first step, the federal government should pass an immediate “food-saving law” based on the French model. The decision makers for the law – Renate Künast (Greens), Susanne Mittag (SPD) and Dr. Gero Hocker (FDP) – are on Mittwoch at 14 pm invited to receive a public letter in front of the Reichstag. If they don't even show up, the food rescuers will announce further steps.

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