BREAKING: Two new blockades on the A103 - partly by citizens recently released from custody

Berlin January 26.01.2022th, 103 - Breaking - For the second time today, citizens from the group “Essen Retten - Leben Saving” are blocking the area around the entrances and exits of the AXNUMX near Steglitz - with several blockades.

A citizen stuck himself to the street with both hands
A citizen stuck his hands to the A103 with both hands.

The previously arrested citizens also drove from police custody at the LKA on Tempelhofer Damm and in some cases the hospital directly back to the A103. There they immediately set up a new blockade at the beginning of the motorway while the police were busy clearing the other side of the road (the end of the motorway). “I'm not ready to explain to my children that I just gave up today,” said Sonja Manderbach, one of the newly released. “We will continue to engage in civil resistance until the federal government does its job and takes responsibility for feeding the population.”

This morning, some of the same people had already paralyzed traffic by blocking two motorway exits in order to draw attention to the “climate emergency” and the famine that would accompany it. Some of the participants in the campaign had their hands stuck to the asphalt. The police removed people from the street, sometimes using scalpels, which resulted in hand injuries. The injured were then taken to hospital. About half of the participants were taken into custody and were in the LKA headquarters at Tempelhofer Damm 12 in Berlin for several hours.

Citizens who are stuck on the A103 will be released by officers.
Citizens who are stuck on the A103 will be released by officers.

While at the same time in the Bundestag Robert Habeck answered questions from MPs about the economy and climate protection, they set an example of the irrefutable nature of their demands and renewed their appeal to the federal government to immediately implement a food-saving law and binding steps for an agricultural turnaround by 2030 to initiate.

“Why did a dozen people have to be in police custody today instead of the federal government listening to them and finally ending the unnecessary waste of 18 million tons of food every year?” said Carla Hinrichs, spokeswoman for Essen Save Lives, and continued: “Why didn’t Robert Habeck announce in the Bundestag today that the federal government is implementing this very simple measure directly? Locking up peaceful citizens is not a solution, but a food-saving law is a simple first step!”

The “Saving Food – Saving Lives” campaign calls on the federal government to meet the two demands for an immediate food-saving law and an agricultural turnaround by 2030. These are effective and socially accepted steps to ensure food security and to effectively reduce Germany's greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against global warming. Spokespersons from Essen Retten – Leben Retten announced that the actions would continue until the federal government addressed the Essen Save Act.

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