Habeck's climate plan is costing us our children's future

Robert Habeck's “immediate climate protection program” aims for climate neutrality by 2045, and we will 2030 °C global warming by 1,5 compared to the pre-industrial era. The new Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is effectively proposing to break the Paris Agreement, which is binding under international law, without openly communicating this to the population.

For us, this represents a deliberate deception of German society, a breach of the internationally binding Treaty of Paris and a violation of our Basic Law (Article 20a).

Further storm surges, droughts, famines, billions of people forced to flee and mass deaths are the expected consequences of this leadership failure. We feel this is a great injustice.

We therefore see no other option than to disrupt public order until the government immediate measures that will protect German society and not send it to destruction without seeing it.

We do this peacefully, respectfully and with sincere determination. Out of a connection with all people, including members of the federal government.