Saving food - saving lives blocks the most important highways in the capital

This Friday, citizens of “Essen Retten – Leben Saving” in Berlin blocked highways again to ensure that the population is fed. After many of them were taken into custody in similar actions on Monday and Wednesday, they renewed their demands. This time the A100, A114 and A111 motorways were affected.

Citizens demand #EssenRettenLebenRetten (A100)
Citizens demand save food - save lives (A100).

The committed citizens of “Essen Saving – Saving Lives” are calling on the federal government to pass an Food Saving Act and an agricultural transition suitable for their grandchildren by 2030. The demands correspond to the results of the Citizens' Council on Climate from 2021 in the field of nutrition and become socially supported by a large majority. If not implemented, science predicts hunger crises, the group says.

“How do we explain to our children in a few years that we threw away the bread back then and that they now have to hoard it?” Raúl Semmler expresses his anger. “Back in November, we pointed out to the federal government that this situation had to change immediately and presented a law. Now we want her to do her job.” The actor and screenwriter even goes so far as to stick it on the A100, the busiest motorway in Germany.

Citizens demand #EssenRettenLebenRetten (A100)

In fact, the amount of food produced in Germany is steadily decreasing due to worsening growing conditions. In the drought years 2018 to 2020 Farmers recorded some significant losses. This also corresponds to the global trend.
Higher prices for basic foodstuffs were reflected in the end consumers.

“How can an SPD-led government continue to look the other way when 1,6 million people in this country are dependent on the help of the food banks, that is, they need support to have enough food? How long does Olaf Scholz want to tolerate the fact that 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year in this country, which would be a great help to the 13 million people who are at risk of poverty in Germany?” said Sonja Manderbach, church musician, sitting on the A111 with a banner “Save food – Save lives”.

“The federal government has to start doing its job,” said Carla Hinrichs, press spokeswoman for the campaign, on site. “The Food Saving Act would not only help prevent famine, but would also reduce many emissions. We cannot afford to continue to lurch lamely from compromise meeting to greenwashing statement to luxury dinner. We have 3-4 years left to prevent the climate catastrophe - now is the time for action! And we start with the Food Saving Act as the simplest first measure.”

Spokespersons from Essen Retten – Leben Saving announced that they would continue the actions until the federal government took serious steps to introduce a food saving law.

Update: Members of “Essen Retten - Leben Saving” in custody after A100 blockade

Berlin 28.01.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX - This morning about two dozen people blocked again from “Saving food – saving lives“Motorway exits in Berlin to draw attention to the coming hunger catastrophes and a “Food Saving Act" to promote. This time they caused traffic chaos in three places with their blockade actions. Among other things, Germany's busiest motorway, the A100, was blocked. 

"Our food and therefore our lives are at stake! And what is the government doing? Talk, promise, wait. How can I trust her to prevent the massive crop failures that are looming for decades to come when she doesn't even stop supermarket bins from being filled to the brim with good, edible food every day?“ says mother and church musician Sonja Manderbach indignantly. She is one of the citizens who stuck their hands to the street today. 

In all three locations, people taped their hands to the streets to draw attention to the climate emergency and the associated food shortages. Many scientists and politicians, among others Ska Keller, leader of the GREENS group in the EU Parliament, regularly warns"We are the first generation to actively feel climate change in everyday life, but also the last who can do something about it“. Nevertheless, the government's climate targets have so far been too low to avert a possible hot season. The people involved in the blockade campaign have internalized this fact. They therefore see it as necessary to do everything that is possible without violence to avert climate collapse. With their actions they are calling for an immediate “Food Saving Law” and an agricultural turnaround by 2030. 

During the road blockade of the A111 entrance near Eichborndamm, an attempt to calm down a driver who was stuck in a traffic jam occurred. to an assault on a young woman

Approximately half of the citizens participating in today's highway blockade were taken into custody and are being held at the police headquarters on Perleberger Strasse until further notice. The other people were sent off until Saturday night. However, it can be assumed that this will be ignored and further actions to “save food” will be carried out in the next few days. Because the speakers of “Saving food – saving lives” announced that they would continue the actions until the federal government took serious steps to introduce a food-saving law.

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