Blockades extended to Hamburg & Stuttgart

Berlin and Hamburg, 8:30. For the first time this Monday morning, rush-hour traffic on motorways was disrupted in two cities at the same time by Essen Save - Save Lives, some of which resulted in significant disruptions. Many of the citizens stuck to the street. According to Save Essen - Save Lives, blockades are still following in other cities today.

End of A100/Seestraße. Photo: © fritz engel/archiv agency zenit
End of A100/Seestraße. Photo: © fritz engel/archiv agency zenit

Last week there were twelve such blockades over three days in Berlin, resulting in 58 arrests by the police. After their release, many went straight back onto a motorway or federal road. On Friday evening, as part of the campaign, the Berlin police were forced to take four people into custody for the first time after they disrupted traffic on Invalidenstrasse behind Berlin Central Station several times within a few hours. This was preceded by, among other things, blockades on Germany's busiest motorway, the A100, on the same day.

“We are determined. We notice that we are becoming more and more disruptive. This headwind shows how right we are. We were informed again last week by the Ministry of Agriculture that the matter was also considered important there and that it was being addressed. But that's not enough! In Germany, one truck of good food is thrown away every minute and the climate catastrophe continues to threaten the lives of billions of people, while the Food Saving Act could be implemented immediately as a simple first step. We want to see action now,” said Carla Rochel, one of the participants in the actions.

No sooner said than done: This Monday morning there were disruptions in the two cities at a total of four locations. The campaign announced that the disruption would continue to expand until the federal government under Olaf Scholz would act.
The group's actions were met with controversy, but also led to a lot of solidarity. Numerous people from the global south supported the blockades. In Germany, for example, one of the... Founder of the Climate Union, Heinrich Stößenreuther, joined the demands.

“We are desperate! What are we left with? Almost no one realizes that impending famine in Germany means real suffering. We have to ask everyone here: What will you regret if we run out of food in a few decades because farming is no longer possible due to increasingly poor soil and extreme weather?” said Raúl Semmler, who took part in many of the highway blockades.

“Climate collapse and the associated disasters are a real danger to society and all of our lives,” adds press spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs. “The federal government is fooling itself when it glosses over the climate crisis. All climate scientists know: We will exceed 1,5 degrees within this decade. The federal government ignores this and does not want to be climate neutral until 2045. This is a betrayal of the people, a breach of the constitution and a mockery towards the families of the people 182 people who died in the floods in the Ahr Valley - the consequences of the climate crisis. "

Saving Food - Saving Lives calls on the federal government to meet the two demands for an immediate food-saving law and an agricultural turnaround by 2030, which are being passed by Citizens' Council on Climate it was decided to comply. these are Steps accepted by the majority of societyto prevent impending famine and save billions of lives. Spokespersons from Essen Retten – Leben Retten announced that they would remain on the streets until the federal government took serious steps in this direction.

UPDATE: Blockades continued and expanded - for the first time in Stuttgart

After the Last Generation group brought the A100 in Berlin to a standstill with four blockades and blocked the A24 in Hamburg this morning as part of its Save Essen - Save Lives campaign, there are currently further blockades nationwide. In addition to Berlin and Hamburg, citizens of the last generation are now also massively disrupting traffic in Stuttgart.

6 citizens block the B10 in Stuttgart.

People of the last generation are currently blocking the Berlin A100 city highway, the busiest traffic artery in Germany, for the second time today. In addition, the Last Generation is expanding its protest actions on and on German highways to the entire country. After a motorway (A24) was blocked in Hamburg for the first time this morning, citizens in Stuttgart are currently massively disrupting traffic for the first time by blocking the Neckartalstrasse (B10) in Neckarvorstadt.

“The A100 in the heart of Berlin is at a standstill. People are standing in the middle of the highway. Block Hamburg and Stuttgart; more cities will be added. More and more people are joining us and accepting arrests for doing so. We are massively disrupting the deadly 'business as usual' until the government finally acts and protects our right to life.” said Carla Hinrichs, press spokeswoman.

This Monday morning there were temporary 14 km traffic jams on the A100 in Berlin due to several blockages. Some citizens sat down in the middle of the highway and stuck themselves there. A total of 26 citizens were arrested nationwide and the majority of them are now blocking the A100 in Berlin again after their release.

Raúl Semmler, who blocked the highway again today and who was removed from the road with a scalpel last week, reiterates: “It's scary to stand on a highway. But we have no choice but to massively disrupt now to get the government to change course on its deadly course. We will keep coming back and won't be discouraged! The federal government can stop this immediately by passing the urgent Food Saving Act and initiating an agricultural turnaround. Until then, we will continue to disrupt.”

As part of its Save Food - Save Lives campaign, the Last Generation is calling on the federal government to meet the two demands for an immediate food saving law and an agricultural turnaround by 2030, which were decided by the Climate Citizens' Assembly. These are steps accepted by the majority of society to prevent impending famine and save billions of human lives. Speakers from the Last Generation announced that they would remain on the streets until the federal government took serious steps in this direction.

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