Our ultimatum

After the conversation with Olaf Scholz, we issue an ultimatum.

Olaf Scholz showed: There is no end to climate injustice planned!
We are not prepared to accept that. That's why we're issuing an ultimatum.

If the government refuses to meet our demands by the end of the year, we will paralyze the republic next year with highway blockades.

Henning Jeschke and Lea Bonasera in conversation with Olaf Scholz
November 12.11.2021, XNUMX, Berlin: The climate activists Lea Bonasera (M) and Henning Jeschke (l) meet Olaf Scholz, SPD candidate for chancellor and acting Federal Minister of Finance, at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Around seven weeks after the end of their hunger strike, Scholz is fulfilling a promise that prompted the young man and woman to call off their action the day before the federal election. Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Save our food! 🌾

We demand that the new government take immediate action against food waste: Large supermarkets should be obliged to donate edible food in order to combat world hunger and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

For this to happen, the next federal government must introduce a food-saving law to parliament this year, modeled on France and based on a draft law that has already been drawn up.

Save our lives! 🧡

We demand that the new government lays down legal measures for a real agricultural transition by 100 within the first 2030 days. It is their constitutional job to ensure food security and curb overheating and species extinction.

The Citizens' Council Climate 2021 is already proposing 19 measures in the citizens' report. Around 80% of the German population supports it. Based on these recommendations, the federal government must present laws that establish an agricultural transition by 2030.

Final citizen report as a result of the Citizens' Climate Assembly.