Traffic light coalition agreement endangers our survival

With their recently published coalition agreement, the SPD, GREENS and FDP are endangering our survival because they gloss over the dramatic reality of the climate emergency and do not name sufficient measures in response to it.

The parties are committed to a “cost-efficient path to climate neutrality by 2045 at the latest” and “adherence to the 1,5 degree path” [1]. However, not only can 1,5 degrees of global warming not be achieved with climate neutrality in 2045, it can no longer be achieved at all [2]. We cannot trust a federal government that does not know or knowingly miscommunicates this fact that is so relevant to our lives and survival.

Christian Lindner, Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock.
Christian Lindner, Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock. Image: Clemens Bilan - Pool/Getty Images

Although the lives of billions of people are at risk in the coming decades and even the continued existence of humanity in the long term, the coalition agreement remains negligently vague:

Instead of concrete information on CO₂ taxes and steps towards climate neutrality, the traffic light parties largely rely on pseudo-measures that are far too short-sighted, such as a restriction on “advertising of foods with a high sugar content aimed at children” or the “development of Criteria for an ecological footprint” [3]. They shift their responsibility for taking appropriate action to the individual level, thereby condemning millions of people to death.

The foodwatch association also strongly criticized the coalition agreement for containing “pseudo measures” and, for example, for dealing with the important issue of EU agricultural policy in just four sentences. [4]

It's good that the coalition agreement states: "Together with everyone involved, we will reduce food waste in a binding, industry-specific manner, clarify liability issues and enable tax relief for donations." [5]. Measures for an agricultural transition are also mentioned, but they fall short of those proposed by the Citizens' Climate Assembly [6].

People have a right to food and life – now and in the future. Implementing the measures to reduce food waste that the federal government has set itself and a real agricultural turnaround should be the top priority. We repeat our announcement:

Should the incoming federal government not commit to a food-saving law by the end of the year and thus prevent the grotesque waste of still edible food through trade in times of climate catastrophe (a formulated law is available) and within the first 100 days of the government's term If we initiate a real agricultural turnaround, we will massively and permanently disrupt federal roads and motorways in the new year until respect for these rights can be demonstrated credibly.

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